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19. Chilling in San Fran

Thursday 25th
So I can't remember going to bed last night - well I didn't really go to bed, I woke up fully clothed on top of the covers -oops!! When we piece things together / are filled in on some things by the non drinking folk, it seems there was a phone dropped down the loo and a bit of sick all over a bedroom - I'm not guilty on either count - ha ha! Emileeeeeeeey!! :-) I think us drunkards are still quite tipsy as we find it hilarious but the others are somewhat disapproving, oh dear!!

It didn't take me long to pack my stuff and we headed down to reception where the others were loitering not seeming to be making a decision as to what to do. A couple of us went to join Mona who was already in the hotel cafe downstairs, Mona wasn't feeling too good and blamed the breakfast she's already eaten (I think really it might have been more like the wine she's been drinking the night before but she want having any if it!). I had a greasy veggie omelette, hash browns and rancid coffee - I thought Americans liked their coffee, other than Starbucks most of the coffee I've had out here has been rank.

Us who had been up drinking were definitely in the bad books with the others. We eventually pulled ourselves together and tried organising cabs in to the city centre, I tried sorting out a car share with me, Mona and one of the others to share the costs, the other person made it very clear they didn't want to share with us (using several excuses!!), me and Mona ended up paying $63 between is - ridiculous!! It turned out me and Mona were just round the corner from each other, she was staying in a hostel (she's travelling for 12 months so is trying to keep costs to a minimum), I'd had a bit of a splurge and booked myself a very nice hotel, thinking I might need it after all that camping (which incidentally I have really enjoyed).

The hotel has just been refurbished and is gorgeous, quite Art Deco but also quite modern. For some reason it's called "Hotel Grace - a piece of pineapple hospitality"! My room wasn't huge but had a super comfy bed, a bit like a princess and the pea bed - I almost needed a ladder to get in. The room had lots of really nice touches - a proper coffee machine, slippers, dressing gowns, umbrellas if you needed them, make up wipes, really nice toiletries...... And a cuddly toy dog sat on the bed all the the pineapple logo on. I had a bit of a chill, phoned home and then went for a wander. It was nice being in a city that wasn't brand new to me and I more or less knew my way around. I walked down to market at the ferry pier, not because I wanted anything in particular but just cos I remembered it being really nice with lots of little quaint stalls (including a stall that sells everything mushroomy - ok that's the main reason I wanted to go, even though I didn't buy anything just browsed) and then I wandered down to pier 39 to have a look in some of the shops there. There is a mix of tourist tat, San Francisco clothes and at the other end of the scale really expensive gifts. I treated myself to some batman socks!!

I fancied oriental for tea again so found a place at the end of the pier, if I'd have thought about it I ought to have known, in such a tourist trap, it wouldn't have been brill. It didn't start well because I accidentally ordered a glass of red wine instead of rose, that wine came in a dirty glass so I sent it back, I did drink the red, it wouldn't be my first choice but it was palatable, for food there wasn't really a proper veggie option so I had mushroom sushi for starters (not as good as my home made sushi) and then chose garlic noodles with a side of crispy tofu with the intention of mixing them together - the side of tofu turned out to be a great slab of tofu which was nice but didn't need to be so big (as if I complain about getting too much food but it could really have fed a family of four!), the noodles were nice but it wasn't half as nice as the food we'd had last night - and cost twice as much!! Teach me to eat in such a touristy area.

It tuned out that the "kids" were on the pier also having their tea so I toddled over to catchup with them one last time and say good bye although hopefully I'll be keeping in touch with a couple of them when we get back home.
I'd arranged to meet up with Kim, Mick and Mona for a few drinks so I caught up with them at the Irish times bar and had a wine or five with them which topped the day off very nicely. Me and Mona sauntered back in the direction of our hotels - well we took a few wrong turnings and ended going a bit out of our way (up and back down one of the 13 hills that San Francisco is built on.). I saw mona into her hostel and then headed back to mine via a shop (for more wine and some Cheetos), this shop was quite a nice delicatessen and in my tipsy state I noticed something odd going on - there was a very well dressed man watching two homeless guys in the shop, as I loitered round the crisp (chips to the Americans) aisle I realised that the man in the nice clothes had told the homeless guys to buy some stuff and he was going to pay for it, one guy spent $46 and the other guy spent $28 (they could both have spent a lot lot more),,when they'd gone I asked them shop guy about it and he just shrugged and said that's what the nicely dressed guy did sometimes - how nice is that?!?!
I got back to my hotel room and clambered into my huge comfortable bed and quickly fell asleep -without touching my wine or my crisps.

Steps: 14,402. / 5.9 miles

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