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18. San Fran, the catamaran and fab, funny drunkenness!!

Wednesday 24th
Up bright and breezy today for a long drive to San Francisco which will take about 5 hours. We need to have breakfast done with (plain bagel and peanut butter for me today) the camp cleaned and put away and be off early as we have a catamaran trip of the harbour booked at 4. I'm a bit sad that this is the end of the camping part of the trip as I have really enjoyed it - other than the achey hips and elbows in the middle of the night. I am disappointed that we have seen any bears, mountain lions, coyotes, snakes or amazing creepy crawlies though.

It's a long drive and I'm sat next to Sharan (another newbie from London), she's lovely but I think she'd had too many e numbers for breakfast or something, she was hyper all the way back - ha ha, it did make a nice change having some one to be awake and talkative on the long journeys though.

In San Fran we call at a place called panadera for lunch, which is a bit if an upmarket type of cafe, I buy an asaigo bagel (I think asaigo is a type of cheese) and make a veggie ham sandwich with it and also buy a mushroom and cheese soufflé which is pretty delicious. This place is just round the corner from our hotel so we quickly check in and drop our stuff - Red Roof plus - I'd say this is more of a motel than a hotel, it's a bit tired and dated and not one I'd pick myself (hotel snob that I am - really, after all at camping I should be grateful for anything with a proper bed - ha ha). We all met back up and jumped back on the van to be taken into San Francisco city for the catamaran trip hitch was down near pier 39.

The catamaran was more than a bit bouncy and we got a bit wet from the waves splashing over the side and it was blummin cold in the wind but it was great being on the water and going past Alcatraz and under the bridge. The views of the city from the water are lovely also. At one point a seal popped his head up to see what was going on and a bit later we saw a couple of dolphins swimming past a few times, there were also flocks of pelicans flying past - the pelicans fly in single file and copy what the first one does so they all swoop down and almost touch the water then fly back up into the sky, they were lovely. My flip flops nearly went over the edge at one point but they were rescued just in time. There was a bar on the boat so it'd have been rude to pass that by and it was very nice having a glass of wine (I say glass but it was a plastic cup - ha ha) as we sailed (do you sail in a catamaran?) back to the harbour. We had an hour to have a look round pier 39, I headed straight up to see the sea-lions at the end of the pier, they really are funny creatures just sprawled out watching the world go by, I wouldn't want to mess with one though, they're huge. I sauntered round for a bit then went to meet the others. On the way back to try minibus we passed a 7-11 so we decided to call in for a couple of bottles of wine for later, the plan to have a few civilised drinks back at the hotel as this was officially the last night of our trip together.

Before we headed back we were going out for tea together, meeting up with the other group who had been travelling alongside us for the trip (but making no effort to interact with our group considering we camped at the side of them every night). The place we ate was a Thai place called Rins which was very good, I had chilli and garlic Brussel sprouts for starters - I know that probably sounds disgusting to any none sprout lovers but they were really yummy. For main I had chilli and garlic tofu and rice washed down with a lychee martini - delicious!

Back at the hotel, there was a bit of a balcony area outside Kim and Micks room so a few of us congregated there and......... it got rather messy. It ended up with sensible little old me, Kelsey, Mona and Elisia being led astray by the complete lunatics that are Emily and Mick and Kim, we ended up not only polishing off several bottles of wine but also beer and vodka........ in fact any alcohol that we could muster together and we had a complete and utter laugh. I remember the security guard coming to tell us to be quiet twice, apparently they came another two times too also. I don't remember much after midnight or hauling myself to bed but I do know it was the best, funniest night of the trip. There are a few of my fellow travellers that I probably wont keep in touch with but I will miss this bunch of loons and I hope we all keep in touch and do a rerun of this night when we're back home.

Steps: 15,974. / 6.5miles

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