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15. Giving super hot Death Valley a miss

Sunday 21st
We're not meeting until 8 today so it was a lay in day in a comfortable bed - well it would have been if'd my delightful mother hadn't sent me a lovely Facebook message at my 5.45am when I'd not got my phone on silent - grrrr!! Silly me - Ha ha!

There are new people joining our group today and most of them are more my age or a bit older - hooraaaah, adult company!! Some of the original bunch (not all) are very lovely but they're all 18 / 19 / 20 so have very different interests to me and where as I make an effort to ask about people and their interests quite a few of the group (not all) just don't bother with the oldies - ie anyone over 23 - ha ha their loss!!

With the new people on the bus it's a bit packed but we all manage to squeeze in - it's cosy let's say! We need to stock up on new food provisions so stop off at a very nice supermarket. Me and mona have been paired up to make a dinner tomorrow night - what Kelsey hadn't realised was that we're both vegetarians - snigger snigger! Mona definitely likes the finer food, I've no idea what our lot of ingredients cost but I bet it wasn't cheap! We're making a kind of ratatouille and boiled potatoes and mona is making a guacamole for a bit of a starters. I stocked up on jalapeño Cheetos, 7up, a bottle of wine and some very tasty cheese and jalapeño bread rolls - mmmmm!

All stocked up, we were on the bus an hour so so before we stopped at a place called Beatty which is home to the nut and candy co - supposedly one of the biggest candy factories in the states (it didn't seem very impressive and surely Mars, Hershey's, M&Ms are bigger) but it sold nice ice cream - peanut butter ice cream - Mmmmm! Before the ice cream tho, I'd had a veggie ham and cheese sandwich on the cheese and jalapeño roll I'd just bought which was delish. There seems to be a theme to my snacking - things that contain peanut butter and jalapeños (not together!)

Back on the bus we drove through some little towns which looked like the ones you see on Wild West films, including some that looked like they'd just been abandoned, we also called at a gas station which was in a little silver mining town which was super cute, its desert out here and very hot and dusty.

We've had to have a change of plan for today, we were supposed to be headed to Death Valley but the tour company have said we can't go because it's too hot there, apparently, it's reached over 60 degrees c recently and several people have died including one person who's van set on fire with him in it!!! Wowzers!

The new place we're stopping is near Mono Lake which is famous for it's tufas - which are a bit like big stalagmites but which grow by the lakes edge by fresh water and salty water meeting and creating a reaction which causes the tufas to form - they were nowhere near as impressive as some of the sights we've just seen but it was still very interesting, I spotted a bird sat on one and when I investigated what it was on the information boards it was an Osprey - when I was a kid I was once in the Osprey team (either school or guides or summat) and I've always remembered so I was pretty chuffed to see it out in the wild, apparently, they don't eat from the lake because it is too salty (it is, I dipped my finger in and tasted it - yak!!) but they nest around here because there aren't any other predators. I also spotted a rather big pile of poo (I have a fascination for wildlife poo - comes from scat patrols on the Earthwatch projects) I think it was bear poo, well either that or human - it was too big to be anything else and I'm pretty sure it wasn't lion or coyote poo. Still not seen any real live bears though.

Our next campsite was lovely, it was only small but everything about it seemed very friendly and you could just see the lake from the campsite. We set up camp and Kim and Caitlin cooked stir fry and rice for dinner along with some tofu that me and Mona had bought which was very tasty. Afterwards I sat chatting to Kim and Mick with beer or two - ooh it was so nice to have fellow oldies to chat to and be able to drink beer!!! I headed to my bed at about eleven o clock.

Steps: 7,799. / 3.1 miles

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